Since 2004, we have sold our unique hand-crafted dancing
birds at open-air markets and craft festivals. Business has
grown steadily over the years and now our birds are sold by
350 national and international retailers.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you find something to add a bit of cheer
and warmth to your home or garden!

These 'dancing' birds are truly unique and one-of-a-kind.  We call them “Florida
Dancing Birds” because they dip up and down and swivel around on a 36"
galvanized/rust-proof rod in the breeze. They are durable and specifically made to be
enjoyed outside and look perfect in a flower garden, under a tree, next to a fish pond, in
a planter on a screened porch, on a boat dock...the possibilities are endless!  

Each bird is similar in design, but no two birds are alike since every single one is
entirely hand-painted and made with love! These are NOT the PVC pipe birds that
everyone is familiar with. They are made from flat PVC, cut out, hand-painted with     
high-quality exterior acrylic paint, heated and then sculpted.  They are realistic, yet
whimsical! Our larger birds measure approximately 25” long and about 8” wide.  They
sit atop an 18" or 36" galvanized pole (included) via a special hinge that is also hand-
made and  painted to match the bird. They swivel 360 degrees in both directions as
well as dip up and down. They move in the slightest of breeze and  are durable in
normal day-to-day weather.  Simply lift the bird off the rod to take indoors if you know a
severe storm is approaching.  

The design is conducive to tourist travel since the bird comes off the rod and will fit in
luggage, etc. Fun, original & unique!  



Office: (727) 744-4193
Email:   FLdancingbirds@aol.com        
Moose, Quigley & Jennifer
All birds are 100% hand-crafted in Homosassa Springs, Florida,
Thank you all for a fabulous 2014!
We have SOLD OUT and are now closed for
business and will reopen January 5, 2015.